Fantastic Opportunity

What is it?
Live2Race Dedicated Race Centres are professional racing venues that are available for anyone whether you are 14 or 114 this Sport is possible for you. Its competitive nature brings people together in a safe and clean environment.
What makes this different?
The racing is made possible by the award winning technology manufactured by Live2Race. The motion simulators can be networked together to create a virtual race, where racers can experience up to 1.5 G. For a stand along centre we recommend a minimum of 6 simulators and maximum of 24. Our race centres are not comparable to arcade games, it would be more realistic to compare us with track racing, although this is much safer and better for the environment. Be part of the beginning of the new wave of sport. Cutting edge technology delivers an immersive & adrenalin fuellled experience.
Who is it for?
Live2Race Centres are a new High Technology environment, where a wide demographic of people can meet and race in an excellent venue. The experience is both clean, highly competitive, very engaging and is a true physical experience that will keep people coming back time and time again.
With an Attractive ROI these venues having a high footfall and long dwell times give great opportunities for F & B. Experience shows centres has a high return rate of 75+%. This is a clean and engaging activity. Online rankings + Leader boards make it engaging and highly competitive. With the creation of a membership scheme it is easy to create a highly enthusiastic community & high customer loyalty. Where else can you race an F1 Car? There are many opportunities for corporate events due to the nature of being able to provide a minimum of 6 races at a time. Space permitting we recommend a viewing area for people to cheer on racers & be involved. Our simulators have fantastic longevity with simulators if looked after still going strong 10+ years later. Due to the high participation and technology of this experience, exist opportunities to secure Sponsorship
Interested? Want to know more?
If you’d like to find out more about us then please do not hesitate to contact us by email:-